Rummy Passion Gets the TORF Seal

With technology rapidly forming an essential part of our lives, people have switched to online mediums for both work and entertainment. It has resulted in a high growth rate for the online gaming industry, especially online rummy. The online rummy industry alone caters to over 5.5 crore players across the country, resulting in The industry is being regulated by TORF (The Online Rummy Federation), which has set up stringent regulations for monitoring online rummy companies.

Last week, the self-regulatory body awarded a seal of accreditation, the “TORF Dynamic Seal,” to four rummy platforms that strictly adhere to the TORF policies. Rummy Passion is one of the proud recipients of the TORF Seal, and we would love to share this news with our players too.

Being awarded the Dynamic TORF seal confirms the fact that we are a safe and secure online rummy portal, providing fair gameplay while protecting players’ interests.

The seal was presented after a rigorous audit process conducted by a Big Four audit firm, that evaluated the online rummy operators based on multiple predefined factors. The factors that were evaluated included:

  • There should be no registered players under the age of 18
  • Vulnerable players must be recognized and assisted by a dedicated customer support team
  • Strictly adhering to responsible gaming requirements such as setting deposit limits, self-exclusion features, and multiple-tier customer support
  • An appropriate and defined withdrawal process
  • Requisite Certification

Sameer Barde, the CEO of TORF, while awarding the seals, commented, “The TORF seal symbolizes compliance with the strict code of conduct set in place for operators to protect the players from any unwanted outcome and is an assurance to players so they can put their minds at ease and enjoy the game.”

Rummy Passion: India’s Most Loved Rummy App is renowned for providing exemplary services to online rummy players, ensuring that gamers’ interests are kept to the fore. The site is frequently maintained and updated to keep up with TORF guidelines while at the same time accommodating the latest technology. Below are some factors that confirm that TORF made the right decision in awarding the seal to Rummy Passion.

1. Keeping Players’ Security on the Fore

The Rummy Passion website is secured by EV SSL Encryption, which is the highest level of security for any website. It means that users registering on the site need not worry about their information being stolen or mis-utilized. It also means that they are safe from any hacking, phishing, malware, or virus attacks. A user can easily register and play cash rummy games on the site without worrying about anything else. The games at Rummy Passion are verified by iTech Labs, an independently renowned testing company from Australia, and we also have a legitimate Random Number Generation (RNG) certification.

2. A Defined Deposit and Withdrawal Process

The procedure for making deposits and withdrawals at Rummy Passion is the same for everyone. Rummy Passion prides itself on provisioning the fastest withdrawals, and if a user’s details are correctly entered and duly verified, a withdrawal request is processed within 24 hours. For deposits, a player can use any of the multiple options available, such as online banking, debit cards, credit cards, or online payment wallets.

3. A Robust Responsible Gaming Policy

The site strictly adheres to the responsible gaming guidelines set by The Online Rummy Federation. Players have the choice to opt for self-exclusion if they feel that they are getting too accustomed to the game. Players can also set up daily and monthly deposit limits to ensure that they do not spend over their pre-decided budget. A dedicated customer support team is available 24 hours a day to help players facing problems while playing the game.

Genuine Players

The one feature that differentiates Rummy Passion from most other online gaming sites is that here, only real players can register and play the game. There is a strict “No Bot Policy” and each player’s credentials are duly verified. A player must share their contact details and complete their KYC profile, which includes a person’s PAN card and Aadhar Card. These documents are verified individually for each player and are stored in our database.

4. A Highly Active Customer Support System

To ensure that players? interests are addressed on time, the site has a dedicated support team. Since anyone of legal age can play the game, we offer a multilingual customer support service. The player support team is active 24?7 and ready to help any gamer that needs assistance.

In the Essence

Rummy Passion is one of the top online rummy portals that are renowned for their unbeatable services and fantastic user experience, and being awarded the TORF seal has further proved this fact. The site is dedicated to giving an exceptional gaming experience to its players, and to that end, new offers and promotions are launched regularly. We are constantly in sync with The Online Rummy Federation and All India Gaming Federation to keep up and give the best user experience to our rummy players.