Celebrating Team Spirit and the Success of Passion Gaming

The Annual Party of Passion Gaming was celebrated on April 22, 2022, at the Golf Club, Panchkula.

The party witnessed a series of eventful activities as the whole team got together to celebrate the success of Passion Gaming.

The function began with words of wisdom from our co-founders, Bobby Garg and Priya Kumar.

The speech from our co-founders also promulgated the advent of Passion Gaming 2.0 while carrying forward the company’s core values of inclusion and diversity. With the transition to 2.0, insurance benefits for employees, including medical cover, have come into effect.

bobby garg speaking to passion gaming team

The excitement was unparalleled as the event could not be organised during the lockdown period, and now the party was attended by employees from Panchkula and Gurugram offices.

Our HR team orchestrated the entire evening with great panache, where our charming host, Sugandhi, took the stage to greet everyone with the utmost warmth.

passion gaming annual party awards

The streak of episodes was flagged off with the award ceremony. Shubham Patial, Pardeep Gupta, Yogesh Choudhary, Ritesh Kumar Srivastav, Hardeep Singh, Rahul Raghuram Nair, Vikram Kumar, Babita, Veresh Razdan, P Rahul, Vinod Kumar, Diwan Singh, Ram Bahadur, and Jitender Paswan were felicitated for their significant roles in the organisation.

Apoorva Kumar Seth, Bindu Soni, and Sugandhi Ranote, who are indispensable members of the HR team, were also felicitated by our co-founder Priya Kumar for their unwavering contribution and efforts.

passion gaming annual party performances

After the felicitation ceremony, the stage lit up with the energetic performance of Gurpreet Singh. He impressed us with his electrifying Bhangra moves, dancing on the beats of dhol, yet again, like all the previous years.

As Gurpreet’s performance concluded, it was fun to see Ajay and P Rahul pulling each other’s legs on stage with their impeccable comic timing. Following this, the evening was graced with the melodious voices of Deepak and Sampanna.

Last but not least, our finance wizard, Vishal, entertained everyone with his phenomenal Bollywood mimicry.

The eventful hours of frolic culminated with a lavish spread, which was relished by the team.

The event can surely be regarded as a hit since it allowed the employees to interact with each other and the management in a setting outside of the workplace.

With all that said, this event was wrapped up with some unforgettable memories that will be cherished by employees for a very long time.