A Complete Guide to Games of Skill

The gaming industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Participation in gaming is now being acknowledged with the industry’s transition from being limited to friends and family activities to a flourishing online pursuit.

Among all the games in the online gaming arena, skill-based games are making the rounds and gaining mass popularity.

A game is considered a skill game based on the game’s outcome. If the outcome predominantly depends on the players’ skill and not on the happening of a chance event, it falls under the ambit of skill games. Such games are oftentimes legal and have gained acceptance in social settings, clubs, and online platforms.

A Pretext of the Gaming Industry

a pretext of the gaming industry

Even though gaming practices date back to the early 17th century, the dawn of the digital age has transformed the gaming industry. As the online gaming trend progresses, companies have drastically improved the gaming experience for users. The intense competition between companies has resulted from the ever-expanding user base of players who have different game choices. Gaming providers continuously look for ways to spread their services and guarantee continued user engagement.

Growth in the country’s gaming industry is powered by improved connectivity and changing needs in social interaction. The universally appealing and diverse nature of the gaming industry offers a plethora of opportunities for direct monetisation, brand promotions and user engagement.

To curb monetary offerings in the gaming industry, Indian laws differ between games of skill and games of chance. There are strict rules for participation and the offer of money in games of chance. In contrast, skill games are compared to any other entertaining activity and are regarded well.

The growth of this industry has led to an increasing need for a regulatory framework to ensure integrity and transparency. With the expansion of entertainment options across online media platforms, the online gaming industry shows a consequential avenue for growth.

The perspective of society towards gaming has changed across time and geography. In the majority of cases, laws have supported games of skill. The revolution in internet technology has opened new dimensions in gaming. It has expanded the horizons of the global market where people can legally place a wager in their concerned jurisdiction. Simple and easy access to internet gaming sites and a global presence have made gaming regulation important. Telecommunication technology and global bank transfers have linked gaming hosts into networks.

But despite all of these developments, “skill” or “chance” is still a decisive factor in determining the legality of gaming in India. Skill-based gaming differs from the prohibited gaming of games of chance, also known as gambling.

This article gives a rundown on skill games and their different types.

What are Skill Games?

what are skill games

“Skill games” are the ones in which success depends purely upon knowledge, training, attention, experience, expertise, personal attributes, and capabilities of the player.

Games of skill are recognized as a separate category because many states in India have codified acts that exclude skill games from prohibition. Various popular online games in India have been recognised as games of skill.

Different Types of Skill Games

1. Arcade Games

arcade games | top game of skills

Arcade games are those we used to put coins in as kids to play. Examples include pinball machines and other popular video games. The golden era of arcade games might’ve faded a decade ago, but those games are still prevalent on the Internet, especially in the real money skill games market.

One example of an arcade-style game played for real money against online players is “Tetris Burst,” based on the classic Tetris.
Another example of this style of game is Bejeweled. This game is hugely popular and can be played online for real money. These arcade games let you compete in tournaments while displaying your skills and grabbing cash rewards.

2. Card Games

card games | top game of skills

Yes, you read that right! Most card games fall into the skill games category, but it depends largely on how they’re played.

For example, you might play a solitaire game in a tournament style. You get points based on how fast you form your tableau and make the moves. In these games, every player has the same opportunity to score points.

Different skill-based card games are played globally, but rummy ranks amongst the most popular ones. Play games of skill such as online rummy and earn cash rewards.

3. Puzzle Games

puzzle games | top game of skills

A puzzle is a game or a problem that tests a person’s skill or knowledge. A puzzle game can include anything where you’re using your mind to solve the situation in front of you. Think of something like a Rubik’s Cube, Scrabble, or Sudoku. These games require intelligence and a skill factor that comes from experience after playing them.

Puzzle games harness a player’s ability to apply logic, sometimes combined with manual capabilities, and require solving them under a time limit. Some examples include Bejeweled and HexTwist.

In this game, the puzzle solver is expected to put pieces together logically and systematically to devise the correct answer. There are different types of puzzles, such as relational puzzles, crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, logic puzzles, and number puzzles.

4. Word Games

word games | top game of skills

Word games require deciphering word problems; one good example of a word game is repositioning letters to form a word or sentence. These games are often created as a form of entertainment, but they can also arise from serious mathematical or logical problems. Though there are multiple games available, some fan-favourites include Bookworm and Word Mojo.

Many of these games offer tournaments where all participants are charged an entry fee, and the winners receive rewards from their share of the overall pool. If you are not a fan of tournaments, there are several word games where the aim is to pile up points that a player can use to exchange for in-game prizes or even cash rewards.

5. Trivia Games

trivia games | top game of skills

Trivia is one of the most popular pastimes that challenges your knowledge while creating an engaging atmosphere. These games are perfect examples of games of skill and test your depth of knowledge in specific categories or across a wide range of subjects, like general knowledge. In a simple language, they’re question and answer contests.

Playing in free trivia contests can earn you decent cash rewards. One of the best-known examples is probably HQ Trivia, although there are many other real-money trivia competitors in the list of trivia websites. A skilled contestant stands a good chance of winning rewards in this game.

6. Fantasy Sports

fantasy sports | top game of skills

This trending genre lets you focus on your ability to assemble a team composed of great players and gather points based on their performances in that particular game. In fantasy sports, you use your knowledge of various sports to pick effective team members and hold an edge against anyone who guesses their lineups.

The users generally draft their teams based on their knowledge, experience, attention, and access to information relating to the relevant sport. The players are ranked according to the points accumulated in the contest as per the on-field actions and their scoring metrics.

Sports that offer great fantasy contests include cricket, football, basketball, and kabaddi, which are followed by Indian sports fans and well-known in India.

Trending Skill Games


dominoes | trending skill games

Yes, you can do more with dominoes than set them in a line and tip them over. Dominoes have been a popular skill-based game for years now. And you can play it informally, get into a game for money with acquaintances, or play it online for money.

One thing that distinguishes it is the number of different ways to play it. But the basic gist is the same.

The basic concept is to connect one domino to the other. For example, if a given tile placed on the table has an open side with two pips on it, you have to lay one down with two pips. If you cannot do that, you will have to keep picking a tile from the pile until you can play.

The steps will be repeated until one player has no more dominoes in their pile. At that moment, that player will be declared the winner. In the case of scoring games, the player’s points will be determined by the value of the dominoes in the hands of the other players at the moment.

The absolute lesson in the game of dominoes is to understand when to hold the dominoes in reserve and when to lay them down. It should also be kept in mind to keep a close watch on what dominoes are being put down by other players to read their moves adequately.



Rummy stands out as one of the oldest and most popular card games for players at home. But it is now played online for real money and can be enjoyed in various formats, though 13-Card Indian Rummy is the fan-favourite in India.

In the basic version of rummy, you have to meld your cards into valid sets and combinations. You earn points based on the other players’ remaining cards.

The games allow you to pick up cards from the open deck and closed deck. You can then discard the cards of your choice, but you can also lay cards on the table if they can be arranged into valid combinations.

Skill is required in rummy to know when to pick up from the discard pile to improve your hand. You also have to know when to discard the cards that don’t serve any purpose. But you should try to be mindful of cards discarded by your opponents by keeping an eye on the open deck.



Backgammon is the way to go if you want to play a game of skill that’s been around a while. This classic battle between black and red pieces has been around for an estimated 5,000 years. Because it is based on dice rolls, the possible variations of outcomes mean that no two backgammon games are ever really identical, which means that a player will not get bored of it.

The simplest way to understand backgammon is that a player has to get 15 pieces, or tiles, off the board before their opponent does the same. Based on your dice rolls, your pieces will move around the board. Double rolls have a great impact as they help you move around much faster in the game.

The backgammon board is split into segments. Each player must move their pieces on the opponent’s home board while safeguarding their home board section. A player can start taking off their pieces from the board once they get them onto the opponent’s home board.

Backgammon requires sheer skill and expertise to understand when to advance the tiles and protect them. Experts believe that it’s easy to learn and a hard game to master.



Here is another game that has been around for ages. Due to its challenging nature, it has always enjoyed one renaissance after another. Chess is the one game in this listicle that relies on the movements of predetermined pieces and is not based on drawn cards or dice rolls.

The ultimate goal in chess is to capture your opponent’s king. You do that by moving your pieces so that the king of the opponent player can’t make any moves without being vulnerable to a move by one of your pieces. This move is known as “checkmate,” ending the game.

Before you get to that point in this game of skill, you’ll be trying to take your opponent’s other pieces off the board, making the opponent’s king more vulnerable and reducing threats to your king. There are several pieces on a chessboard, and each has its own unique characteristics.



Poker is an extremely popular game, and most people have tried some form of it in their lifetime. It’s where players can form a cash game, or larger players can play in a tournament. It is a popular household game, usually played in small pots for recreational purposes.

There are two main components in poker. The first is to form the best possible poker hand, and the second is to outfox opponents using your expertise and skill. You can even win games by bluffing, which is the term for making players go out for big bets even when dealt a bad hand. And you can maximise your winnings to a significant extent by persuading others to keep playing for as long as possible.

Poker can be simplified into multiple game variations, with differences in the number of cards being dealt, the number of rounds, and other rules.

Tips for Playing Skill Games

tips for playing skill games

Pay Close Attention

Keep your focus on the finest details of the game. Many of the real-money skill games we mentioned have elements where the actions of other players might affect your strategy. Don’t get so caught up in your actions that you miss out on key aspects that can help you win.

Focus like an Eagle

Just like an eagle hunts its prey with a strong focus, keep your attention directed on the game and don’t let it steer away. A lost focus might have a nerve-racking effect on your game, and keeping an eye on the opponent’s moves helps maintain a stronghold over the game.

Properly Manage Your Funds

Keep a tab on your funds and play smartly. You should be careful in games where the stakes can arise suddenly or where a certain type of win earns you more (like a “gammon” in backgammon). Unless you’re a true expert, you should spend real money at a level where it doesn’t get out of control.

Play Smartly to Win

Whenever you’re dealing with a set of dice or a deck of cards, use the combination of probability and math to calculate your chances of pulling off whatever you’re trying to achieve. It’s not too hard to figure out some simple percentages beforehand to help with your decision-making.

Games of Skill: FAQ

What is the Basic Difference between Skill Games and Games of Chance?

A game of chance is where a player has no control over the outcome. Examples of games of chance include slot machines, raffles and lottery tickets. These types of games solely depend on the luck factor.In contrast, games of skill give you control over winning or losing. These games require players to display their best performances to excel. In games of skill, the player makes a difference over whether they win or lose by their actions.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Skill Games?

Yes, you can certainly win real money in the skill games in the first place. Online gaming sites like Rummy Passion allow you to participate and play online rummy around the clock. After creating an account, your first step is to make a deposit. Decide how much you would like to deposit and then claim the welcome bonus up to Rs 7000 using the code “WELCOME “.You can hone your skills at free practice tables first. Although this can be fun, nothing compares to the thrill of real money tournaments.

Are Real Money Online Skill Games Legal?

There are a lot of different legal questions in play when it comes to playing real money skill games online. You have first to be aware of the laws in your jurisdiction. Secondly, you also have to make sure that the game in question is labelled a game of skill by that jurisdiction since that could affect the legality.

Where Can I Play Online Rummy?

We suggest you play online rummy at Rummy Passion, as you can showcase your skills to earn real money rewards. Rummy Passion is reliable and has established a strong reputation in the online skill gaming arena. You can play worry-free, knowing that your personal and financial information will be protected. Plus, there is a streak of exciting bonuses and rewards waiting for you once you register and start playing.

Is Rummy a Game of Skill?

Yes, rummy is a game of skill! It is one of those games that incorporate the skill into its basic framework. On the one hand, it’s hard to win in rummy without getting good hands. And that comes down to how skillfully you deal with your cards. But once you get those cards, you need to know what to do with them. You also need to be good at selecting tables that suit your skill type.