Games of Skill vs. Games of Chance: How are they different?

The viewpoint of society towards gaming has changed over time. In most cases, laws have supported gaming activities based on skill and restricted betting on games of chance. Internet technology’s revolution has created a huge market for online activities where people can legally play real money skill games in their respective jurisdictions.

Skill-based games are those in which the winning or losing of the player depends on the player’s skill rather than on chance.

This article looks at what constitutes a game of skill versus chance. It categorises most major games of skill and chance that involve real money.

Games of Skill vs Games of Chance

Some games can be regarded as games of pure skill; the player’s skill level determines the outcome of such games. An example of a pure game of skill might be chess or checkers. All decisions are made by opposing players, and neither game includes an element of randomness.

Some games can be agreed upon as pure games of chance. Examples of these games are War and Candyland. No skill or expertise can help you determine the outcome of such games.

Most games are a hybrid of skill and chance. Fantasy sports is another example of games that combine skill with luck, whereby skill remains the dominant factor in determining the game’s outcome.

‘Skill’ or ‘chance’ is a decisive factor in determining the legality of the gaming business in India. Skill gaming is legal and quantifiably different from games of chance, which are also regarded as gambling.

Read ahead to understand what differentiates a skill game from a game of chance.

Skill-Based Games

games of skill vs games of chance: what are skill based games

Let’s look at a few games in which the outcome solely depends on the aptitude and expertise of the players.

1. Card Games

These games have been popular for ages, but variations in gameplay and rules make them unique. Among all the card games, online rummy ranks at the top of the ladder among players in India. The basic gameplay is based on the concept of melding cards to make valid combinations. The rummy game involves challenging aspects and requires players to implement smart strategies and skills to win. It is, indeed, a very popular game amongst millions of gamers in India. There are different apps available that offer a rich gaming experience.

Rummy Passion is one of the most popular apps that offers a seamless gaming experience with a torrent of exciting features.

2. Word Games

Also known as word games puzzles or word search games, these games are designed to test a person’s language ability and explore its wide dimensions.

Word games are generally used as a source of fun but can serve an educational purpose as well. The first thing that might come to mind when you’re thinking of word games is Scrabble, which is extremely popular as a board game and in online mediums. But crossword puzzles also fit into the category of “word games.” In any case, your skill at playing with words and fitting them into prearranged spaces is what helps with these mind-bending games. These types of games also help us improve our mental ability and decision-making.

3. Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports games involve drafting fantasy teams based on certain conditions from a list of players scheduled to play live games on a particular day. The users pay an entry fee to participate in a contest. It is pooled for distribution among the users after deduction of a service fee by fantasy game providers. The users select their teams based on research, experience, attention, and skill regarding the relevant sport. The user collects points based on the players’ actual performance. Various popular games offered by Fantasy sports operators in India include Kabaddi, Cricket, Football, and Basketball.

4. Puzzle Games

A puzzle game can be understood as any game where you use your intellect to solve the situation in front of you. The puzzles can test problem-solving skills, including logic, word completion, pattern recognition, and sequence solving. Popular examples include Sudoku or Rubik’s Cube. The presence of mind is pivotal in these games, but players can polish their skills and expertise with lots of practice.

5. Arcade Games

Arcade games were quite popular among kids in the 90s, but their golden era faded a decade ago. Most of these games require you to press buttons or tap on the screens. Popular examples include pinball machines and classic video games.

Another popular example of this style is Bejeweled, played online for real money.

These games offer tournaments where the highest-scoring players get a percentage of the total prize pool.

Games of Chance

games of skill vs games of chance: what are chance based games

The outcome of these games is hugely dependent on the luck factor and includes an element of randomness. These games can include a skill component but depend majorly on chance constituents. Because they are random in nature, there is no way of knowing what will happen.

Players may or may not win a reward as they have no control over the game’s outcome. Sports betting casino games such as roulette and spin wheel games are two perfect examples of games of chance.

Examples of Chance-based Games

Let’s explore a few examples of games of chance in which skills, expertise, or practice cannot define the outcome.

1. Slot Machines

The main attraction in the casino is usually the slot machines. If you haven’t played slots for a long time, you’re going to be amazed at how far technology has brought these machines. Amazing graphics, super-smooth gameplay, and the bonus games are insanely fun. If you like the classic feel, though, don’t worry; the classics still exist, especially at online casinos.

2. Roulette

This is a famous casino game that has been named after a French word meaning “little wheel.” It is one of the ideal examples of games based on chance. In Roulette, a player can choose to place a bet on a single number, various combinations of numbers, the colour red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are low (1–18) or high (19–36). All you have to do is pick where you think the little white ball will land, and if you’re right, you win!

Games of Skill vs Games of Chance: Comparison

Skills-based Games Games of Chance
Played against Another player/user The house
Driven by Player’s Mental, physical expertise Randomised factor of any type
Requires Practice, experience, strategy Luck-based/Mostly chance
Winning depends On player’s skill On luck
The result is Wholly certain Uncertain or doubtful
Example Poker, Rummy, Fantasy Sports Lottery, Roulette or Rolling of a Dice

Final Words

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this contrastive elaboration of skill-based games and games of chance. Remember that you can play these games for fun, but if you’re feeling an urge to experience the real money thrill, we suggest you first figure out the difference with this handy guide.