Passion Gaming’s Tech Office Has a New Home

We are excited to announce that our Gurgaon tech office has a new address. Still located in Gurgaon, we have moved our development arm to more ergonomic and contemporary premises. Anticipating a strong future growth, we have created substantially more room for new talent to join our passionate tech team.

This will be our development hub, where our team of game tech developers will continue to create par excellence gaming software.

Why a New Location?

Passion Gaming continues to soar high with the remarkable success powered by loyal players and a hard-working team. A big part of working at Passion Gaming is to foster a sense of a collaborative culture within the integrated teams.

We’re excited to make our office environment a better place for our employees by increasing the number of rooms and open workspaces. As our team continues to grow, this integrated space will house everyone with ease.


A Sneak Peek of Our New Tech Bubble

We’re thrilled about our new office space. With that said, we wanted to share a few snapshots of our new workplace. This is where we work and play. Check out these pictures which give you a peek.


An Aesthetically Elegant Workspace

Our new tech office will provide a more effective working environment. The new space is perfectly curated to provide a pleasant environment for our employees that will help boost productivity.

We have also included some fresh interior designs conceptualised with card themes to the new office. The interior has a different colour scheme and chic furniture.

The refreshment area at the new office is suave and more spacious. This will allow our team to work while socialising with each other while grabbing a quick bite to eat.


Bigger and Brighter Rooms

With an intent to add more poise to the sitting areas, we came up with improvised cabins.

One of the most important additions is the inclusion of a bigger and brighter meeting rooms, equipped with interactive equipment. This will enable us to facilitate more brainstorming sessions and meetings accommodating more people than before. Having bigger meeting rooms and calling areas will allow us to hold group huddles and formal meetings to share creative concepts and much more.

This will also provide our teams more privacy and help create a dynamic working environment.


The Amenities

Workplace amenities are important to any employee and help enhance the overall feel of the workplace. Our tech team is super excited to enjoy the amenities that our new office has to offer including a larger common area, and casual sitting areas. The new office has a casual recreational area for everyone to unwind amidst the busy work schedule.

Passion Gaming’s new tech home also has an entertainment hub and gaming arena for the team to de-stress and chill out in the breaks. The team is super excited to work in a state-of-the-art office having fresh interiors and a streamlined look along with all the special amenities.


Room for Growth

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford.

We’re hiring! If you want to work with the best thinkers and doers, then we have a wonderful opportunity for you. Passion Gaming is looking for passionate minds, who want to leave their mark in the online real money gaming industry in India.

If you want to climb up your career ladder and be a part of our high-octane team, send your CV at

What’s Next?

Although our previous office was fully equipped with high-speed internet, smart boards, recreational space and video conferencing lounge area, it was the time to upgrade to the latest and greatest!

We’re sure that the new upgrades will enable us to enhance work productivity and hustle even harder, meanwhile creating a better working environment for our team members.