Core Competencies of Passion Gaming.



Passion Gaming Managing Gaming Operations

Managing Gaming Operations

With over two decades of online gaming experience under our belts, we understand player preferences to the minutest detail. Having witnessed the ever evolving legal, operational and marketing landscape for online gaming, we believe we have seen it all. We have developed niches in certain geographical areas and now bring this expertise to emerging markets like India. We are pleased to introduce online rummy game through Rummy Passion to Indian players. Rummy was declared a game of skill and is legal to play in India. We are ecstatic about this opportunity and are providing a world class rummy gaming experience to players in India.
Withdrawal Ticketing System (WTS) is an online proprietary software owned and developed by Passion Gaming Private Limited that automates the player withdrawal process in a secured environment. WTS is a standalone solution that provides Withdrawal Ticket Management, Players ID Documentation Management System, Player Profile Validation, Audit and Log Management, Workflow, Game Risk Compliance pertaining to withdrawals, Bulk Processing of Withdrawals, Withdrawal Payment Reconciliation, Reporting, Role Based Access Controls & TDS Reporting. This solution streamlines operational procedures and improves the efficiency of withdrawal processes.


Passion Gaming Online Marketing

Online Marketing

We are driven by providing compelling content which is original, authentic and relevant. We are extremely social & love being on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. By targeting the right audience with the right content, across the right platform, we are able to deliver targeted online traffic to our websites to achieve high conversions. We partner strategically with companies that bring us high quality traffic incentivizing our partners for their effort and positioning.


Passion Gaming Player Segmentation & Service

Player Segmentation & Service

We believe in delivering exactly what our players are looking for. Our player segmentation is based on a deep understanding of what they desire. This holistic approach lets us leverage technology to market what really matters and improves the business performance of our partners. Our partners are able to evolve better products and promotional initiatives based on our precise player segmentation.
CRM provides end to end Customer Relationship Management services and is a proprietary web based software solution owned and developed by Passion Gaming Private Limited. The solution delivers powerful analytical capabilities to completely automate Player Retention Activities, Data Management, Content and Template Management, SMS and Email Integration & Scheduling, Dashboards and Reporting, Audit and Log Management, Threshold Limit for Player Activity, Role Based Access Controls. This solution gives a 360 degree view of player activity and proactively assists in managing player relations in an efficient manner.

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