DevOps Engineer

Job Category: Software Engineering
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Gurugram
Job Status: Actively Hiring

We are seeking an experienced AWS Architect for our DevOps team. The devOps team is responsible for building and managing a scalable & secure infra that runs the game. 


•    Good knowledge on the Cloud technology, different patterns, deployment methods, compatibility of the applications

•    Understand and articulate the different functions within AWS and design appropriate solution, HLD, LLD around it.

•    Capabilities to provide AWS operations and deployment guidance and best practices throughout the lifecycle and all environments of a project.

•    Good knowledge of the major AWS technologies and associated components and variations

•    Deliver results on schedule

•    Take ownership of one or more components of the platform and drive

•    Improve the efficiency, scalability, stability and security of the system

•    Manage individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables

•    Availability off the office hours when needed.

Education and Experience Required

•    5+ years of experience of working with AWS

•    Good knowledge of creating VPC, Subnets, Peering, Elastic IPs, AMIs, EBS, S3, Multi-region replication, EFS, Load balancers, Auto-scaling, NAT Instance and NAT Gateway, Internet Gateway, Customer gateway, Virtual Private Gateways, Route53 Security components, Key pair, security groups, ACL, IAM, Directory Service, Certificate Manager, AWS SSO, KMS and Parameter store.

•    Must have good knowledge on the networking, VPC, subnet, subnet masking, Elastic IPs, route tables, routing, access control list, NAT and port address translation.

•    Must have experience in AWS RDS Aurora with MySQL Server and DocumentDB

•    Understanding the significance of the different metrics under monitoring, their threshold values and should be able to take necessary corrective measures and place alerts/alarms based on the thresholds

•    Must have experience in CloudWatch

•    Must have experience in Lambda, API Gateways, SNS, SQS

•    Good to have experience in AWS ElastiCache using Redis, AWS MSK

•    Must have experience in architecting hybrid cloud solutions

•    Good knowledge of AWS APIs for automation of tasks

•    Excellent communication skills to communicate with support personnel and management for providing documentation to relevant parties

•    Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and switch between tasks quickly

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