NodeJS Developer Team Lead ( Server side game developer )

As server side developer, You would be responsible for architecting and implementing real time game server application. You would be responsible for taking over the existing game server developed with Node JS, Express, Redis and various other server side libraries. You would peer with client side game developers to integrate server messaging and api with multi-platform client side code. You would also collaborate with DBA and server architect to ensure the server side application is highly scalable and can support huge concurrent traffic.

Required Qualification:

  • Exceptional problem solving, written, and oral communication skills.
  • Proven record of writing server side real time application in Node JS and Express.
  • Knowledge of Redis database is must.
  • Knowledge of socket io library is required.
  • Strong understanding of architecturing code for scalability and concurrency is required.
  • Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Knowledge of MySql and NOSQL database like MongoDB integration with Node JS required.
  • Knowledge of automation with GULP,dependency management tools, Jenkins,NPM etc.
  • Strong debugging and network optimization skills.
  • Experience in multi-player game development.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of cloud hosting platforms like AWS, Google cloud platform,Azure etc.
  • Experience in developing real time game servers – MMO, Rummy,Poker etc.
  • Knowledge of other server side technologies like smartfox,photon etc.
  • Knowledge of Apache , Nginx ,REST API.
  • Knowledge of C++, Java would be plus.
  • Experience in working with version control tool like SVN , GIT etc.
  • Experience in using project management tools like unfuddle , Jira etc
  • Minimum 5 Years of professional experience in developing and maintaining real time game server.


  • PF & Gratuity
  • Working 5 days a week
  • Paid leaves(CL,SL,EL,ML), Holidays & Leave encashment
  • Annual appraisal & promotion
  • Parties, Festival celebration, Birthday celebration, R & R activity, etc
  • Equability: the absence of favoritism in hiring & promotion

Location: Gurgaon

PS: Experience from Gaming industry will prefer first.

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